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Dance Around the World Dance Around the World
Sing, Laugh, and Dance your way around the world with Nikola Clay. Children and their families are invited to experience a variety of cultures through the universal language of music and dance as we learn several easy folk dances, the favorites of children near and far. Dances like El Juego Chirimbolo from Ecuador, La Mariposa, the butterfly dance from Bolivia, Niwawa "Clay Doll" from China, Hoe E Ana, the Canoe dance from Tahiti and of course the Penguin Dance from our friends down in Antarctica, dances from the North Pole to the South Pole.

Folk dancing is a wonderful way to introduce children to the music and culture of various regions as well as pass on the traditions of one’s ancestors. Dancing is uplifting and empowering and gives children of different ethnic backgrounds a sense of pride as they discover a part of their history.

Nikola has been teaching these dances to children, teens and adults through public and private schools, at music and dance camps and through outreach programs for over 12 years.

Dance Around the World Calendar of Events

For more information on any of the above programs please contact:

Nikola Clay
West African Enrichment Program West African Enrichment Program
Dance Around the World with Nikola Clay at Encinitas Library.
The West African enrichment program for libraries is a hands on experience for children of all ages. Participants will learn about the culture of West Africa through song, dance, proverbs and music making. Children have the opportunity to see and play some of the many rhythm instruments that make up an African ensemble. They are also shown how to make their own instruments at home from household items. Historical references will be made to the first Africans who arrived here as slaves and their important contributions to our society.

The presentation usually ends with the reading of several proverbs by volunteers from the audience. Children are then encouraged to look for picture books, story books or biographies to further their understanding of African Culture.

This program is presented by Nikola Clay. Special guests from Africa may be available throughout the year.
West African Dance Master Class West African Dance Master Class
This high energy class taught by Nikola and/or Abdoulaye is accompanied by live drumming. Students learn a traditional choreography step by step during the 90 minute session. Great for high school P.E. and dance departments, dance academies, fitness clubs, birthday parties and other special events. An uplifting and empowering experience for all !
Dance Around the World  
Dance or Die !  
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"Let the drums dance you!" is said often to encourage African Dance students.
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