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Allatantou Dance Co. - Abdoulaye Camara

Abdoulaye Camara's Website - https://allatantoudanceus.com/

Frank Lazzaro - Frank Drums

Frank Lazzaro's Website - www.frankdrums.com

www.bali-treasures.com - Bali Treasures Drum Factory - largest Hand Drum Manufacturer & Exporter in Indonesia.

www.kumandi.com - Your link to drum and dance happenings in the Atlanta, Ga. region.

www.drumskulldrums.com - for wholesale distribution please contact Ryan at Drumskull Drums.

Jason Hann - Eotomusic.com - the official site of Jason's electronic band.

www.AfricanCultureConnection.org - founded by Charles Ahovissi of Benin West Africa, African Cultural Connection provides African culture and art experiences to educators, children and the general public in Nebraska and Iowa.

www.sannafolkstyle.com - Sanna Longden's international folk dance site where you can find instructional DVD's and music C.D's from around the world.

www.djembe.net - Education tools which include a vast library of notations for djembe, dundun and bell parts. His International Djembe links list is mind boggling! Based out of Stockholm, Sweden.

www.ancestralwisdom.com - Gretchen Crilly McKay is a sangoma/shamanic practitioner who lives in Laguna Niguel, CA. She facilitates workshops and has a private practice, using the African divination system of throwing the bones to diagnose physical and spiritual illness.

Dance Around the World  
Dance or Die !  
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Dance to expand your radiance, awareness, presence, aliveness and passion!
Dance because you can! Dance even if you think you can't!
Promoting Dance Around the World, West African Dance Classes, Dance Workshops, Dance Camps, Dance CD's & West African Dance DVD's by Nikola Clay and Abdoulaye Camara. Dance Around the World, Instructional African Dance Classes and Dance Camps worldwide. "Dance or Die !" for Dancers & Drummers • Nikola Clay • Abdoulaye Camara • Jason Hann
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