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The expression Dance or Die ! speaks to those who dance to live and live to dance.. We believe everyone has something they are passionate about, something that feeds their spirit in such an abundant way that joy overflows into all areas of their lives. Through the instructional DVD's, workshops, newsletter and links we offer a variety of ways to experience the many benefits of dance.
  Nikola Clay
Nikola Clay
Nikola Clay began her artistic journey as a Music Major at UCSD, with piano as her primary instrument. It was there that her passion for World Music and Dance was ignited. After leaving there she taught piano, played in jazz ensembles and taught music in various schools for many years while pursuing her love of African Music and Dance.
Her studies took her to New York, Europe and eventually to West Africa where she studied with many great masters. Since then she has been invited to present workshops at several National Conferences for Music and Dance teachers.
Nikola produced two CD's and 2 DVD's of West African rhythms and dance with drummer Jason Hann and Master Dancer Abdoulaye Camara. She also is the creator of the "Primitive Percussion Kit", a hands-on learning tool for developing rhythm skills.
During her travels throughout the world Nikola gained experience in a variety of traditional folk dances. Currently she teaches children of all ages "Dance Around the World". Her philosophy is that if children start early on to experience various cultures through music and dance, they will grow up with an appreciation for diversity. Hence the slogan "Give Peace a Dance".
To read Nikola's article for the Shift Network entitled "Give Peace a Dance" Taking Steps to Heal Racism Through Drumming and Dance, click here.
  Abdoulaye Camara
Abdoulaye Camara Abdoulaye Camara, renowned master dancer and native of Guinea, West Africa comes from a long line of dancers and musicians. Like many from his village he began singing, playing, and dancing at an early age. Later he moved to Gambia where he formed his own dance company “Allatantou Ballet.” Abdoulaye is not only a world-class dancer and choreographer but an experienced teacher who has worked wonders with students of all ages. He has traveled extensively throughout the U.S., Hawaii, Canada, Europe, and Australia presenting workshops and performances. In addition to his instructional dance video, Abdoulaye was also featured in a Swedish made documentary of his life in the Nordic tundra entitled “Trumkungen.”
  Jason Hann
Jason Hann Jason Hann, highly sought after international percussionist has toured and recorded throughout the world with many great artists including the legendary Isaac Hayes. Under the tutelage of Lamine Dibo Camara, Jason quickly mastered the West African instruments used to accompany the numerous dances. His “Guinee Fare” and “Yamama” CD‘s are both collections of West African dance rhythms played on traditional instruments. His latest creative effort “Djembe Furia”, a biographical collection of original percussion pieces is a masterpiece.
Dance Around the World  
Dance or Die !  
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"If you can talk, you can sing. And if you can walk, you can DANCE." African Proverb
Promoting Dance Around the World, West African Dance Classes, Dance Workshops, Dance Camps, Dance CD's & West African Dance DVD's by Nikola Clay and Abdoulaye Camara. Dance Around the World, Instructional African Dance Classes and Dance Camps worldwide. "Dance or Die !" for Dancers & Drummers • Nikola Clay • Abdoulaye Camara • Jason Hann
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